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Stanley THREADTAPE Thread Sealant Tape Plews 21-557 Drain Cock Campbell Hausfeld ST127012AV Air Tool Oil
Properly seals all male threaded connections to prevent air leaks. For use in low pressure applications. Hand tightening provides leak-proof metal to metal seal. Corrosion resistant brass. For use with all oil lubricated air tools. Helps maximize tool performance and increase tool life.
Senco PC0101 Air Tool Oil North American 9402 Speedway Air Inflation Kit Mintcraft FDQ910 Inflation Kit
Premium-grade oil formulated with high-quality paraffin distillate stocks. Contains carefully balanced rust and oxidation inhibitors. Lubricates Pneumatic tools, protects against corrosion and extends part life. Ideal for inflating toys, rafts, sports equipment and more. Includes 1/4" NPT female connector, 1/4" x 1/8" connector, inflation needle, tapered nozzle and extension tube. Use with any compressor and hose. Includes: inflation adapter, tapered inflation nozzle, inflation needle, tire nozzle.
Blaster 16-ATL Air Tool Lubricant Campbell Hausfeld ST125312AV Air Compressor Tool Oil Blaster 16-ATC Air Tool Conditioner
Lubricates and protects internal tool parts. Formulated for use with in-line oilers. Removes moisture and provides lubrication. Protects tools against high speeds and shock loads. Use on all pneumatic tools and equipment. High quality, non-detergent, single viscosity oil. Prolongs compressor life by reducing carbon build-up on valves. Cleans and restores pneumatic tool parts. Breaks loose deposits that create friction. Reaches deep into small recesses to leave a protecting film of lubrication. Can be used as in-line lubricant. Removes moisture. An effective antifreeze. Protects tools from freezing down to -25 degreesF.
Stanley 3WAY-RND 3-Way Round Air Line Manifold Tru-Flate 41-125 3-Way 3-in-1 Air Line Manifold Senco PC0344 Compressor Oil
Splits single air line into three for running multiple air tools. Use 3/8" male threaded inlet fitting for maximum performance. Aluminum. Supply three air tools from one source. Use on air hose end or as permanently fixed bench outlet. No need to disconnect/connect to use different tools. Three 1/4" NPT outlets and single 1/4" NPT inlet makes this a useful shop or bench accessory. Recommended for all Senco oil splash compressors. Protects against corrosion. Lubricates to extend part life.
Tru-Flate 21-707 Safety Valve Tru-Flate 24-801 Air Line Pressure Gauge Bostitch BTFP72326 Mini Regulator and Gauge Kit
Brass safety valves constructed to asme standards. Interchangeable with all other asme valves of the same size and pressure. 125 PSI. PSI 0-200  0-14 kg/cm2; mounting back. Bostitch Regulator and Gauge Kit, Mini, 1/4 in FNPT, 15 gpm, 0 - 160 psi
Plews 41-135 Air Line Regulator with Gauge Plews/Edelmann 41-101 Air Tool Oilers Tru-Flate 24-343 Manual Mini Air Line Filter
Controls in-line air pressure for paint spray guns or other pneumatic tools. Helps keep air flow at exact operating pressures. Use where precise air flow is desired. Compact, light weight, allows for easy "on the tool" air adjustment. 16psi. NPT thread size is 1/4" on both the male and the female ends. Compact oiler that fastens directly to the air tool.  Precisely meters proper amount of oil to the tool only when the tool is in use.  NO adjustments necessary 1/4" male NPT outlet, 1/4" female NPT inlet.  Use on all 3/8" and 1/2" air impact guns, air wrenches, body shop air tools and pneumatic hammers. Used for all air line applications where efficient filtration is required for wear or failure of pneumatic components. Large filter element surface gives low-pressure drop and long element life. Polycarbonate bowl. Manual drain type. -10 degrees Fahrenheit to +175 degrees Fahrenheit operating temperature range.  20 SCFM, 5 micron element, 1 oz bowl capacity. 3.7" overall height.
Sta-Lube SL22133 Air Compressor Oil Tru-Flate 24-444 Mini Air Line Regulator with Pressure Gauge Stanley Industrial Air Compressor Regulator with Gauge
Helps promote longer life in all types of reciprocating and rotary compressors. Solvent refined and clay filtered for long lasting, anti-foul operation. Cleans valve seat deposits and extends life. Employs solid piston and balanced poppet for long lasting performance. Solid piston is impervious to most chemicals and a wide range of lubricating oils and greases. Fast reverse flow capability allows for installation where dual pressures are required. Two gauge ports are provided and a pressure gauge is included. 250 PSI max primary operating pressure and 2 to 125 PSI max secondary operating pressure. 13 SCFM, 2.9" overall height. Stanley Air Compressor Regulator, Industrial, 1/4 in NPTF, Includes: (1) Gauge
REGULATR TOOL AT-HAND INLN AIR Tru-Flate 41-175 Air Compressor Accessory Kit Plews 552-50AK-5 Air Hose Kit
Allows custom pressure settings for various tools or applications. To set required pressure, turn the regulator up to the max 140 PSI and adjust downward to required pressure each time you change the pressure setting. Adjusts while in use. No need to stop working! Specs: Supply Pressure: Minimum 150 PSI, Maximum 400 PSI, Maximum Air Flow: 25 CFM at 125 PSI. Kit contains all accessories needed to connect and use a tank-mounted air compressor. Includes: Couplers/Plugs for air line hose and air tool connections; Air line chuck for filling tire valves; Tire gauge, to check air pressure; Blowgun kit with multiple nozzles for general cleaning, drying, and clearing; Ball and tapered inflator nozzles for inflating toys and recreational equipment. Quality rubber air hose. 300 PSI. Comes with bonus blow gun kit . Use in  garage, shop, industry,  or home. Includes: Safety blow gun, coupler and plugs, 5 different tips.
Tru-Flate 41-907 Air Tank Conversion Kit Tru-Flate 24-404 Compact Air Line Regulator with Pressure Gauge Tru-Flate 24-301 Manual Compact Air Line Filter
Complies with all new tank standards. Includes: chuck, 4' air hose, pressure gauge, manifold with safety and tank valve. Non-rising locking knob. Regulators have a solid piston and balanced poppet for excellent performance and longer life. Impervious to a wide range of lubricating oils, greases, most chemicals, provides accurate control, and assures smooth, uninterrupted operation. Fast reverse flow capacities. Two gauge ports are provided and a pressure gauge is included. Maximum operating pressures are 250 PSI primary and 2 to 125 PSI secondary. Filtration removes airborne solid contaminants which may cause wear or failure of pneumatic components. All filters are complete with filter element and either manual or automatic drains. Maximum operating pressure is 150 PSI at 125 degrees F with polycarbonate bowl. Bowl capacity 5 ounces.
Tru-Flate 24-311 Manual Air Line Filter Tru-Flate 24-414 Compact Air Line Regulator with Pressure Gauge
Filtration removes airborne solid contaminants which may cause wear or failure of pneumatic components. All filters are complete with filter element and either manual or automatic drains. Maximum operating pressure is 150 PSI at 125 degrees F with polycarbonate bowl. Bowl capacity 5 ounces. Polycarbonate locking knob 10.4. Accurate pressure regulation with maximum water and dirt separation are provided in a single, compact unit. The filter significantly increases the life of expensive equipment. The regulator employs a solid piston which  resists rupture, cracking or tearing under pressure or high cycle rates. Tru-Flate Regulators have fast flow capabilities. Maximum operating pressures are: 150 PSI at 125 degrees F primary, 2 to 125 PSI secondary with polycarbonate bowls; N 65 Automatic Float 40 5 oz.