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Spyder 300009 Double Side Jig Saw Blade Set Black & Decker 75-530 Jig Saw Blade Set Bosch T500 Assorted Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blade Set
Hardened steel blade. Double-sided. Includes 1 each: No 300010 for extreme radius fast cuts and 300011 for tight radius clean cuts. Fits all universal shank jigsaws. Very smooth cuts in wood up to 2". Includes 1 each: No.T101B, HCS, 4", 10TPI Variable gullet wood cutting blade, No.T144D, HCS, 5-6 TPI wood cutting blade, No.T119BO, HCS, 3-1/4", 12TPI wood cutting blade, No.T118A, HSS, 3-5/8", 17-24TPI metal cutting blade, No.T118B, HSS, 3-5/8", 11-14 TPI metal cutting blade.
Lenox 20769C543JA Jig Saw Blade Set Milwaukee 49-22-1168 Jig Saw Blade Assortment JIGSAW BLADE LAMINATE FLOOR3PC
For fast wood cutting, fine wood cutting, fine scrolling, medium metal cutting and thin metal cutting. Includes one of each 456J, 450J, 324J, 320JC, and 318J. Metal/wood cutting jigsaw blade assortment. 9/32" width. Includes Metal cutting blades: 48-42-2120, 48-42-2160 and 48-42-2190. General purpose blades: 48-42-2300 and 48-42-2310. Assortment includes (2) T101BIF and (1) T101AOF. Constructed for durability and long life. Ideal set for flooring installers. T-shank design for maximum grip and stability which fits over 90 percent of current jigsaws makes and models. Blades are optimized for straight and curved cuts in hardwood and laminated flooring. 3 piece set includes: (1) T123, (1) T234 and (1) T345.
Milwaukee 49-22-1178 Jig Saw Blade Assortment JIG SAW KIT W/T-SHANK 5PC     Marathon 3072001 Assorted Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blade Set
Our Price: $11.99
Metal/wood cutting jigsaw blade assortment. 9/32" width. Includes Metal cutting blades: 48-42-5121, 48-42-5161 and 48-42-5190. General purpose blades: 48-42-5300 and 48-42-5310. Set includes 1 each: No.3072320 (SKU 927.0943) HSS Metal cutting blade, No.3072314 (SKU 704.2682} HSS Metal cutting blade, No.3072406 (SKU573.6756} HCS Wood cutting blade, No.3072412 (SKU 856.9949) HCS Wood cutting blade and (2) No.3072410 (SKU 541.8892) HCS Wood cutting blades.
Marathon 3071001 Assorted Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blade Set Bosch T5002 Assorted Bi-Metal Jig Saw Blade Set Dewalt DW3741C Jig Saw Blade Set
Includes 1 each:  No.3071412 (543.1259) HCS Wood cutting blade, No.3071406 (SKU 360.6324) HCS Wood cutting blade, No.3071314 (634.7959) HSS Metal cutting blade, No.3071320 (836.2618) HSS Metal cutting blade and (2) No.3071410 (361.3874) HCS Wood cutting blade. Contains 2 each of Nos.T101B, T144D, T119BO, T118A, and T118B, in a reusable plastic storage box. Rental. Fits all Bosch and Dewalt jigsaws. 6, 10, 12, 18 and 32-teeth per inch blades. Made with HCS material. Set includes 3 different sets of blades: 6 TPI/10 TPI blades are 4'' long; 18 TPI/32 TPI blades are 3'' long. Regular and fast cut type of teeth.
Dewalt DW3744C Jig Saw Blade Set BLADE JIGSAW U-SHANK W/CS 10PC Dewalt DW3791 Jig Saw Blade Set
Fits Dewalt and other universal shank jigsaws for wood and metal cutting. 6, 10 and 12-teeth per inch blades. Made from HCS material. Mi-metal construction offers greater blade life and durability in all cutting applications. Cobalt steel for greater durability. Reinforced tooth design for faster cutting and longer life. Includes 1 of each blade. WOOD CUTTING: Nos.DW3750 fast cut rough finish, DW3753 fast cut clean finish. DW3760 fine cut smooth finish, DW3762 Down cutting laminate/veneer, DW3765 trim/coping. FIBERGLASS CUTTING: DW3755 METAL CUTTING: DW3770,  Thick metal. DW3776 Thin metal.
JIGSAW BLADE SET W/POUCH 14PC Dewalt DW3799 Jig Saw Blade Set
Assortment includes blades optimized for specific tasks cutting wood and metal (ferrous and non-ferrous). Premium blades deliver high performance with precise, clean cuts. T-shank design for maximum grip and stability. Set offers precise, clean cuts in wood and metal. Includes (2) T119BO basic for wood, (1) T144DP precision for wood, (2) T101B clean for wood, (3) T234X Progressor for wood, (1) T123X Progressor for metal, (2) T118A basic for metal, (2) T118B basic for metal and (1) T118G basic for metal. Pouch included for convenient blade storage. High carbon steel. Optimized tooth form for speed and precision. Contains 5 blades each: WOOD CUTTING: Nos.DW3703H fast, clean wood cutting, DW3710H Fine finish, DW3715H Scrolling. METAL CUTTING: Nos.DW3724H and DW3726H.