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Woodstream Corporation Feeder Bird Hook, Rust-Resistant, 35 lb Capacity, Metal, Garden Green, 12 in Length Hang bird feeders, planters and hanging baskets. 33" length holds up to 16 lbs. Rust resistant powder coated garden green finish. Metal chain adjusts to fit various tree branch diameters. Easily hook the large end of the branch over tree branches. Perfect for hanging bird feeders, flower baskets, plants, wind chimes and other items.
Hiatt 38027 Stokes Extension Hooks Perky Pet 23T No Scratch Cleaning Mop Hiatt 38123 Feeder Cleaning Sponge
Holds up to 20 lbs. Heavy duty galvanized hanger. Maintaining clean hummingbird feeders and oriole bird feeders is quick and easy with these special cleaning mops. No scratch foaming mop that cleans feeder bottles gently and effectively. Prevents build up of harmful molds and water residues. Use with Hummingbird and Oriole feeders. Works great on nectar feeders. Easy for cleaning bottles with small and large openings. Foam sponge ideal for cleaning small crevices. To prevent mold build-up, clean nectar bottle regularly.
Hiatt 38095 Stokes Seed Scoops Heath Outdoor FS-1-8 Feed Scoop Funnel Hiatt 38044 Stokes Ant Moat
Quick release seed dispenser. Ergonomic design for easy scooping. Designed for easy filling of large and small feeders. Use as a scoop for filling larger feeders. Open the damper and the hollow handle converts to a funnel for filling small feeders. Deters crawling ants from nectar feeders when filled with water.
BRUSH DUAL CLEANING 12CT      FEEDER BIRD SCOOP PLASTIC     Droll Yankees LC18 Bird Feeder Chains
Cleans tube feeders up to 48" long. Mini brush pulls out of handle to clean small spaces. Scratch free bristles. Perky Pet Bird Seed Scoop, Series: Scoop N? Fill, 4 Cup Capacity, 8.4 in Width, 4.6 in Length, 4.52 in Height, Plastic, Bright Yellow The 18" locking chain is rust resistant plated steel. For your bird feeder, wind chimes or garden art.
Hiatt 38021 Stokes Bird Feeder Hooks BIRDFEEDER MOUNTING BRACKETS  Heath Outdoor HB-1 Hanging Squirrel Baffle
Decorative hummingbird hanger. 42" high. Looks great in the garden. Allows for more mounting options for your feeder. Use with traditional Hummingbird feeders. Includes 2 brackets and hardware to deck or window mount. Stops squirrels from feeding from hanging bird feeders by tilting. Made of high strength polycarbonate plastic.
Hiatt 38060 Stokes Bird Feeding Books Hiatt 38061 Stokes Bird Feeding Books ARM MOUNTING BIRD SWING BROWN
Stokes Select Guide Book, Title: Beginner?s Guide to Bird Feeding, 0.34 in Length, 4.50 in Width, 6.96 in Depth Stokes Select Guide Book, Title: Beginner?s Guide to Hummingbirds, 0.37 in Length, 4.52 in Width, 6.98 in Depth Ideal for hanging feeders, swings and small plants. Just use the hardware provided to mount to any flat surface.
Hiatt 38015 Stokes Bird Feeder Hooks HOOK RAILING ADJUSTABLE 36IN  Hiatt 38099 Stokes Bird Feeder Branch Kit
Great way to hang bird feeders from your deck. No tools required. All mounting hardware included. Hang bird feeders conveniently on deck railings. Attaches directly to deck railings up to 3.25" wide. Pole extends up to 36" high. Rust resistant garden green power coated finish. Hang multiple feeders from your deck for easy viewing and enjoyment. Easy to assemble; no tools required. Adjustable branches allow you to hang your feeders at different heights. Clamps onto horizontal deck rail up to 2" high. Durable steel construction and weather resistant finish. Made of 100 percent recycled materials.
POLE FEEDER UNIVERSAL 7FT     Hiatt 38023 Stokes Squirrel Baffles CONTAINER 20GA FEED-SEED W/LID
Our Price: $22.99
Steel pole extends to 7' tall. Easily hang or pole mount bird feeders. Includes hanging arm, wood feeder adapter and ground sleeve. Rust resistant metal. Bird Feeder Not Included. The squirrel baffle fits tall garden hooks or on any pole measuring .5" to 1.25" diameter. Holes in handle allow water to drain, reducing risk of bacteria build up. Made of commercial grade material to withstand heavy-duty use. Features easy access handles for convenient mobility. NSF approved. Lid snaps tight, keeping contents secure. Reinforced ribbed bottom allows product to be dragged.
Coles TBFG Tough Bird Bird Feeder Guard PERCH PWDR CTD COMBO 25PC
Keeps squirrels off your bird feeder. Easy installation. Simply snaps around your bird feeder pole. Fits most poles and hangers up to 1" diameter. A static electric pulse trains animals not to touch the guard and prevents them from climbing. The pole and feeder are safe to touch. Bird perch/food holder. A fun and easy way to feed your feathered friends. Holds suet cakes, suet bells and thistle socks. No assembly required. Simply hang the perch/feeder in your yard, choose your favorite feed and watch them flock. Includes 5 of each: Sapphire Blue, Amethyst Purple, Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Aquamarine. Made in the USA.