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ADAPTER HOSE RECHRG FOR R134-A EF LDS-1 Auto Stop Leak EF 301 Refrigerant
Connects piercing-style recharge hoses to self-sealing cans. For use with self-sealing valve cans. Not for use with piercing style cans. Penetrates and rejuvenates all rubber parts of an auto air conditioner. Seals leaks in o-rings, gaskets, and other rubber connectors. Included red dye marks larger leaks. Contains PAG oil, 134a refrigerant and conditioners. For use in all factory-installed R-134A auto air conditioners and all R-12 air conditioners retrofitted to R-134A. ACME threaded top to work with No.401P (SKU 575.2423) recharge kit.
EF 401P Auto AC Recharge Kit EF 334 Automotive AC Refrigerant EF 340 Automotive AC Refrigerant With Stop Leak
Connects No.301 (480.6923) auto 134a refrigerant 12-oz. can to low-side service port. Brass threads, brass handle with stainless-steel piercing pin. Includes 90-degree thermoplastic quick-connect fitting with stainless-steel ball bearings for tight spots and metal can tap valve. On a card. Contains 134A refrigerant plus a single application of UV dye. Meets SAE J2297. Formulated to improve performance in higher mileage A/C systems. Contains 11 oz. of R134a and 1 oz. of high mileage lubricant. Rejuvenates system seal and gaskets to stop leaks, forms a protective film to decrease friction and extend the working life of moving parts. ACME threaded top.
IDQ ACP-105 Formula Refrigerant With Advanced Stop Leak EF RLS-3 Automotive AC Refrigerant With Stop Leak/ UV Dye EF 401GMCS Recharge Hose With Gauge Handle
Stop-leak with "MAX-SEAL" advanced dual chemistry provides longer-lasting sealing of typical rubber leaks in A/C O-rings, gaskets and hoses. Reconditions and rejuvenates A/C seals. Anti-corrosion additives help protect system against future metal leaks. Refrigerant plus conditioners that penetrate and rejuvenate O-rings, gaskets, and other rubber components to stop leaks. Includes shelf-saver dispenser for one time use and quick-coupler fitting. Reusable, with a low pressure gauge built into the handle and a dial pressure indicator to help charge to the correct fill level. It charges R-134a into the low-pressure service port using a 90 degree quick-couple fitting for tight spots around the low pressure service port. All metal construction.
EF 306/306Z Automotive Refrigerant REFRIGERANT A/C 12OZ          EF 325 Super Seal Kit
Lubricates and quiets noisy compressors, stops leaks to prevent refrigerant leakage and o-ring conditioner to improve durability. Recharge hose also contains a safety valve to prevent refrigerant from venting.  Contains 12 oz. of 134A Refrigerant, 2 oz. of PAG oil. With shelf-saver dispenser hose. Maximum cooling power with advanced AC lead sealer. Advanced protection improves and extends AC performance. Cools interior faster with colder, drier air. Seals A/C system leaks, protects and extends A/C life. Step by step booklet. Seals metal leaks in condensers, evaporators, accumulators and receiver/driers. Seals rubber leaks in hoses, O-rings and gaskets. Safe for R-134a systems and recovery equipment. Compatible with all lubricants. Comes with recharge hose. On a card.
EF 345 Sub Zero Synthetic Refrigerant REFRIGERANT A/C W/TRIGGER 20OZ
Forms a protective film to decrease friction, reduce engine drag, prevent oxidation, and extend the working life of all moving parts, including the compressor. Can contains 134a refrigerant and Sub-Zero Synthetic A/C Booster. Reusable recharge hose with gauge handle checks low side pressure while adding any R-134a threaded top product. Maximum cooling power with advanced AC lead sealer. Advanced protection improves and extends AC performance. Reusable premium trigger gauge and 24" hose. Dial-In gauge for accurate pressure reading. Step by step instruction booklet.