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Valley 64.002.000 Inner Mounting Tube Valley TJ-06-07-CS Replacement Retaining Ring Valley VI-025-CS Jack Pin
Inner tube hole: 9/16". For Flange jack. Collar mounted.
Bulldog 500239 Weld-On Trailer Jack Mount Valley FJ-02-20B Trailer jack Flange Kit Valley XA-003-999 Trailer Jack Crank Kit
Male tubular swivel mount, weld-on, for 9/16" pin. 5,000 lbs., topwind only. Contains flange, pin, spring and clips. Handle fits any VI universal top wind jack.
Valley 64.003.000 Outer Mounting Tube Reesee 7000100 Wheel Chock Reese Bulldog 500241 Swivel Trailer Jack Retaining Ring Kit
Inner tube hole: 9/16". Keeps tires from rolling. Fits most trailer wheels. 2 piece set. Swivel retaining ring. Fits most jack capacities.
Reese Bulldog 500180 Top Wind Trailer Jack Crank Kit Valley TJ-06-03 Jack Base Plate Kit Reese Bulldog 500244 Trailer Jack Base Plate Kit
Top wind crank with Red Bulldog knob for 2,000-5,000 pound jacks. Base for VI-120 jack, comes with pin. Jack foot, up to 5,000 lb. For use with 53510, 53520 and 53530.
Valley VI-701 Weld-On Trailer Jack Bracket Valley VI-120 A-Frame Top Wind Trailer Jack Reesee 500245 Trailer Jack
Weld-on bracket for square tubing jacks VI-700 and VI-720. Maximum weight: 2,000 pounds. 3 hole flange. Wheel and snapper pin for 2,000-5,000 pound jacks (reduces jack lift capacity to 800 pounds).
Reese Bulldog 74407 A-Frame Frame Jack Reesee 74410 Side Mount Trailer Jack Valley FJ-020 Top Wind Flange Trailer Jack
Rolled acme threads, anti-friction thrust bearing, high strength tubing, primed inner and outer jack tubes. Handle folds and locks into the storage position. Heavy-duty swivel mechanism for ease, operates in seconds with pull-pin swivel release and has 6" wheel. 1:1 sidewind gear ratio provides fast, easy operation. 25" of lift fits tongues up to 3" x 5". Capacity: 2000 pounds.
Valley VI-020 Top Wind Weld Collar Trailer Jack Valley VI-520 Top Wind Weld Collar Trailer Jack Valley FJ-530 Top Wind Flange Trailer Jack
Capacity: 2000 pounds. Capacity: 2000 pounds. Capacity: 2000 pounds.
JACK TRAILER SD MNT 1000LB    Reese Bulldog 1550220117 A-Frame Trailer Jack Valley VI-050 Side Wind Weld Collar Trailer Jack
Weight capacity: 1000 lbs. Weld-on/bolt-on bracket. Wheel and base not included. 8.2" retracted, 23.2" extended 12.2" clearance. Maximum weight: 5000 pounds.
Valley VI-550 Side Wind Weld Collar Trailer Jack Reesee 74413 Side Mount Trailer Jack Valley TJ-06-01K Side Wind Trailer Jack
Maximum weight: 5000 pounds. Zinc finish, steel foot plate, bolt-on swivel bracket. Handle folds and locks into the storage position. Zinc, maximum weight: 1,000 pounds.
JACK A-FRM 13IN RND TUBE 2K   Reese Bulldog 1584510117 Industrial Swivel Trailer Jack Reese Bulldog 1514010117 Weld-On Trailer Jack
A-frame, round tube jack, sidewind, 13" travel, 8.6" bracket to ground retracted, weld-on/bolt-on, 2,000 pounds lift capacity. Industrial top wind jack with foot and mount plate. Primed outer, zinc plated inner jack tubes. Snap ring mount, 5/8" diameter pull pin. Industrial top wind jack. Weld-on L-bend swivel bracket assembled. Plunger pin. Base included.
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