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Rubbermaid 163406BLWHT Cone Paper Cup Rubbermaid 2B4112WHT Cone Paper Cup Rubbermaid 2B8725WHT Clown Nose Cooler Spigot With Extension
For use with Rubbermaid water coolers and cup dispensers (no. 8250). Rolled edge keeps cup's shape longer. Easier for handling and drinking. No sharp edges. Meets OSHA standards for commercial/industrial applications. 200 cups per sleeve. Designed specifically for Rubbermaid No.8257 cup dispenser. 200 cups per sleeve. Replacement cooler spigot. No residual liquid beyond valve. Drip-free. Valve is located at the end of faucet. 1 handed operation. Requires less pressure to maintain flow. Softer contact material. Fits 3, 5, 7 and 10 gallon coolers.
Igloo 25010 Cone Water Cooler Cup Igloo Commercial Water Cooler Spigot With Plast Rubbermaid 8257-06-WHT Cup Dispenser
Bulk pack of cups fit Igloo cup dispensers model no. 8090 and no. 8243 (sold separately). Contains enough cups for a single fill of cup dispenser. Rolled rim style for easy dispensing. Fits 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 gallon plastic coolers. Dispenses 4 and 6 oz cups. Fits all Rubbermaid 3, 5 and 10 gallon water coolers. Durable, weather resistant construction. High impact plastic.
Igloo Commercial 00008090 Cup Dispenser Igloo 00008242 Cup Dispenser Igloo 00009534 Cup Dispenser
Plastic fits 5 gallon consumer cooler, all plastic and metal commercial coolers (except 2 gallon). Cup capacity 4 thru 4-1/2 ounces. Holds 4 1/2 oz. rolled rim cone cups. Holds 6 - 8 oz. straight rim cone cups.
Rubbermaid 1640-02-331 Mounting Bracket Igloo 00025041 Truck Rack Wire With Strap Igloo 00025043 Truck Rack Wire
Designed specifically for Rubbermaid water coolers. Durable, weather-resistant construction. For horizontal mounting. Holds one 2-5 gallon standard water cooler. Holds one 10 gallon standard water cooler. Fits model no 4101.
Igloo 00025042 Truck Rack
Truck rack for 3-5 gallon coolers. Keep your cooler strapped down in the back of the truck with the Igloo Wire Truck Rack.