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Little Giant 566553 Round Plant Basket Woodstream 5325 Moss and Algae Surface Cleaner Little Giant 566109 Replacement Filter Pad
Aquatic plant basket specially designed to keep the dirt contained under the surface of the water and perforated to allow water to reach the root system. Plant and fish friendly. Also helps prevent soil erosion. Use on decks, fences, roofs, and lawns to eliminate moss, algae, lichens, and grime. Effectively eliminates mosses in lawns. Completely safe, can be used around children and pets. Will not harm border plants, will not stain most surfaces. Contains 2 percent herbicidal soap (naturally occurring, potassium salts of biodegradable fatty acids), which dries out moss/algae. Non-corrosive to metals contains no zinc or iron. Treats up to 500 sq.ft. depending on surface type and degree of infestation. Replacement for No.566101 mechanical pump intake filter and No.566810 fountain starter kit.
Little Giant 566289 Tube Restrictor Clamp Little Giant 566014 Summer Fish Food Little Giant 566111 Replacement Filter Pad
Ideal for reducing flow of statuary, waterfall, etc. Restricts tubing up to 1/2" I.D. For use in restricting flow on the discharge of a pump. Based on the efficient enzyme production and metabolite producing capabilities of koi and goldfish. Promotes fish growth, health and vitality. Will not cloud water. Contains stabilized vitamin C. Replacement pad for the FB-PW and sub bio-filters. Includes 1 coarse and 1 fine filter pad.
Little Giant Microbe-Lift 566007 Water Clarifier Little Giant 566523 Diverter Valve Little Giant 566048 Pond Thermometer
Helps establish, restore and maintain the natural biological and chemical balance of any pond all year long. Creates a cleaner environment promoting faster fish growth. Reduces ammonia nitrogen levels. Dissolves away organic sludge and helps break down dead algae. Seeds and maintains biological filters. Significantly reduces noxious odors caused by dead algae, fish fecal matter and urine. Reduces hydrogen sulfide, which creates strong, offensive odors. Also reduces build up of bird droppings, fish feed and dead leaves. Contains Photosynthetic bacteria, which reduces cloudy water by promoting Flocculation and settling of organic and inorganic particles. Effective over a wide range of pH conditions. Continued biological activity, even in water temperatures under 55 degrees F (12 degrees C). Allows operation of second water feature from one pump. For use with 1/4'' and 1/2'' threaded discharge pumps and all Little Giant fountain nozzles. Discharge connects to 1/2'' NPT pipe and 3/8'' or 1/2'' ID tubing. Easy to read fahrenheit-celsius scale. Measures from 120 degrees to -20 degrees fahrenheit. Tether string for easy removal.
Little Giant Microbe-Lift 566039 Seasonal Water Preparation Little Giant 566267 3-Tier Fountain Head Nozzle Kit Little Giant 566266 Pondworks Combination Fountain Nozzle Kit
Seasonal water treatment. Helps accelerate decomposition of leaves and other organic matter for healthier start in the spring. Continues to provide sustained biological activity, even when the water temperature are under 40 degrees F (4 degrees C). Contains Psychrophilic strains (cold water bacteria). Helps fish maintain healthy immune systems during winter months. Box contain (2) 2 oz. packets. Telescoping stem extends 8''-12''. Fits pumps with 1/4'' and 1/2'' threaded discharge. Easy to use three-tier spray pattern. Creates Daisy, Tulip, and Waterbell spray patterns. Telescoping stem extends 8"-12". Built-in flow control/Diverter Valve.
Little Giant 566286 Auto Fill Valve Little Giant 566107 Mechanical Small Pre-Filter Kit Little Giant 566440 Mini Egglight
For all ponds. 1/2'' MNPT valve, 1/2" Barb adapter, 1/2" Female adapter and 3/4" FGHT. Adjustable float. Designed to remove suspended sediment and solids from water when system turns on, can run intermittently. Easy-to-clean filter pads help remove debris from water before it enters the pump to help extend pump life and keep fountain head/water feature from clogging. Includes 2 debris filters with easy-to-connect adapter. Compatible with PE-1F and PE-2F pumps. Corrosion and UV resistant. The size of a quarter, yet capable of lighting your pond, statuary, potted plants or landscaping. 10' low voltage power cord with 3-way outlet that connects lights to transformer and can power up to 12 lights. 16'' positional pliable cords allow you to use the lights in a variety of positions or wrap them around your favorite plant or fountain head. Can be used in or out of water.
Little Giant 566108 Mechanical Pump Filter Little Giant 566049 Pond De-Icer
Designed to remove suspended sediment and solids from water.  Two easy-to-clean filtering pads, one coarse, one fine, help to remove debris from water before it enters the pump to help extend pump life and keep fountain head from clogging. 6" stem with adapter. For ponds up to 300 gallons. For ponds 50-600 gallons. Deices 1' radius.