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Safer 02006 Jacket Bait Amdro Kills Ants Ant Killing Bait J.T. Eaton 444 Stick-A-Fly Fly Traps
Pesticide free. Attracts yellow jackets and wasps to the trap, ultimately trapping them. Pack of 3. Kills grease and sweet-eating ants. Helps control aphids and scale. Protects trees, flowers and shrubs. Long lasting. Controls the problem at the source, the colony. Destroys the entire colony with slow acting poison which allows time for the worker ants to get the food back to the colony. Can be used indoors or outdoors. 8 stakes per package. Decorative and unique, this reliable, effective and convenient attractive trap can be placed on shelves, attached to walls using double sided tape or hung from light fixtures, ceiling grids and more. Includes real pheromone attractant.
Victor Poison Free M362 Insect Trap Spectracide HG-95597 Ant Shield Stake Woodstream M380 Magnet Trap
Controls flies and yellow jackets outside and annoying insects indoors and outdoors. Bottle's sleeve conceals captured insects and contains baiting suggestions. Sits or can be hung, and uses natural food product as bait. Works in 24 hours. Kills the queen and destroys the colony. 3 month control. Child resistant stakes. Contains .05 percent Indoxacarb. Attracts and traps flies. Ideal for reducing adult fly population. Bait is included with each trap. Patented non-poisonus bait. Intended for use outdoors. Quart size plastic jar with lid.
PIC WTRP Reusable Jacket and Wasp Trap Victor Poison Free M370 Magnet Bag Trap ANT KILLER BAIT STAKE LIQ 8PK
Six entry tunnels attract from all directions. Special design lures insects, once in-never out. Works all day-everyday. No chemicals, no poisons. Durable, use it again and again. Easy to use. Just add warm water to the bag and hang in a tree or other suitable location. Hanger for the bag is included. No poisons; no mess. Yellow jacket magnet trap attractant is included with bag. Safe for the environment, children and pets. Easy disposal; lid snaps tight for a leak free and clean disposal. See-thru bait monitor so you know when to replace the stake. Tiered stairs for easy access to bait. Reinforced stake ridges for added strength when put in the ground. Attracts and kills all common household ants including Argentine, ghost, little black, acrobat, pavement, odorous house, crazy, cornfield and other sweet eating ants. Easy to open; simply break off bait pack tab. The stakes are specifically formulated to allow worker ants to consume the bait and survive long enough to carry the liquid back to the next and deliver a dose to the rest of the colony. The liquid bait inside the stake offers ants both a food and water source. Outdoor liquid ant bait stakes feature eight filled stakes per box.
TRAP SEED BIRD MOTH 2PK       COATING STICKY W/BRUSH CAP 8OZ Terro T1806 Pre-Filled Liquid Ant Bait
Our Price: $8.69
This trap uses a pheromone lure that attracts multiple species of moths. It's easily activated with the lure disk that's included with the package. Moths are lured by the pheromone and get stuck on the glue dot pattern on the inside of the trap. This indoor trap catches all common pantry and birdseed moths, including Indian meal moth, raisin moth, almond moth and Mediterranean flour moth. Easy to use in kitchen, pantry, garage or shed. Safe near food and non-toxic. No-mess activation. Lasts 3 months. Designer "Inca gold" color. Durable plastic withstands crushing or bending. Package contains 2 traps. Can be hung using the hole in the lure disk or placed on a shelf. Made in the USA. Kills ants outside before they get inside. Attracts and kills all common household ants. For controlling of sweet eating ants. Prefilled for no drips or mess. Ants carry the TERRO back to the nest where it destroys the entire colony. Each box contains 6 baits.
Woodstream M530 Fly Bag Trap Victor M383 Fly Magnet Bait Safer 00280 Jacket Wasp Trap
Attracts house, barn and bottle flies. Easy to use. Just add warm water to the bag and hang in a tree or other suitable location. Hanger for the bag is included. No poisons; no mess. Fly magnet trap attractant is included with bag. Safe for the environment, children and pets. Easy disposal; lid snaps tight for a leak free disposal. Bait can be used with all other traps and is non-toxic. Trap's ``diamond" lid design attracts more flies. Use anywhere or anytime there is a yellow jacket problem, for backyards, picnics, barbeques, or camping. Fully-assembled, ready-to-use, easy-to-clean, and reusable. Designed to hold a variety of attractants known to attract yellow jackets. Contains a pesticide-free pheromone attractant with carbohydrate and protein ingredients. Included BioLure bait is effective year round and in all geographical regions. Will not attract paper wasp.
ATTRACTANT STINK BUG          Dr. T?s DT125 Slug and Snail Bait Farnam EZ Trap 3004323 Odor Free Sticky Fly Trap
Lures these pest insects within a 30-foot radius using multiple pheromone attractants. The stink bugs crawl or fly to the trap, walk up the green fins and through the cone and get trapped inside the clear chamber where they dehydrate. Traps both males and females, and all stages of the stink bug life cycle from nymph to adult. Reduces damage to gardens and fruit trees. Intercepts adult stink bugs before they enter homes. Pheromone attractants are odor-free to humans. 4-week outdoor attractant supply included with trap. Immediately stops slugs and snails from eating. Highly attractive bait interferes with slug and snail's digestive process and kills them within 3-5 days. Safe to use around kids, pets, wildlife and edible crops. Treats up to 1,700 sq. ft. Bright yellow color and panel angle attract and trap flies and other flying insects such as aphids, whiteflies, leafhoppers and more. No harmful chemicals, insecticide-free, odor free. Long-lasting rainproof adhesive. Hang, stand, or stack on garden stake. Compact design for kennels.
Terro T2600 Ant Bait Woodstream M382 Magnet Trap Woodstream LUREX3N Insect Attractant
All natural OMRI Certified ant bait. Weather resistant. Children and pets may re-enter the treated area immediately after treatment. Also effective on crickets, roaches, snails and slugs. Attracts and traps flies. Ideal for reducing adult fly population. Bait is included with each trap. Patented non-poisonus bait. Intended for use outdoors. Gallon size plastic jar with lid. Biting insect attractant for mosquito magnet traps. Designed to  attract hard to catch species such as the Asian tiger mosquito. Improves catch rate on targeted species that may carry the West Nile virus and the heartworm disease. Replace every 21 days.
Woodstream OCT-3 Octenol Insect Attractant Woodstream MM3300NET Rigid Bug Bag CONTROL TICK TUBE 12PK
Our Price: $44.99
Lures biting insects to Mosquito magnet traps and away from you and your family. Attracts mosquitos, no-see-ums and biting midges, including those which may carry the West Nile virus. Replacement net for Mosquito Magnet traps. For treatment around yards and wooded lots. Thermacell Tick Control tubes are the no-spray, easy way to kill ticks and prevent them from spreading Lyme disease and Powassan virus. Yard set-up takes only a few minutes twice a year. Kills backyard ticks with Lyme disease. Doesn't harm kids, pets or environment. Works with nature to reduce the tick population. Developed at Harvard University School of Public Health. Contains the active ingredient: Permethrin. This 12-pack will protect a typical 1/2 acre property.
Spectracide HG-96115 Termite Detect and Kill Stake Patriot MM4100 Corded Magent Trap Independence MM3200 Cordless Magnet Trap
Stakes contain bait that termites find and take back to the colony. Installs in minutes. Pop-up indicator alerts homeowner if stakes have been attacked. Stake goes deep into soil where termites forage. Detects and kills all subterranean termites that eat the bait. Stakes last up to 1 year. Contains the active ingredient Sulfluramid. Trap covers up to 1 acre. Easy 3-step assembly. For larger yards up to 1 acre. Runs on 4 "C" batteries that last all season long so no external electrical power is needed. Convenient feature allows placement of the unit away from the family area yet still near the mosquitoes' breeding and resting areas.
Executive MM3300 Cordless Magnet Trap
Easy to read LCD panel on the front of the unit offers enhanced diagnostics and 5 different user friendly setting options. Including 4 fuel saving modes that extend the life of your propane tank. "Learns" to differentiate days and nights and features a temp indicator that will automatically start up or power down the trap when the temperature reading is above 50 degrees. Covers up to 1 acre.