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PIC FR3B Fly Catcher Ribbon TRAP GLUE ROACH PRISON        Hot Shot MaxAttrax 2040W Ant Trap
Our Price: $2.39
Traps flying insects. Safe, effective; no pollution, no fumes/odor. No chemicals. Super holding power catches and holds roaches and other crawling insects in a covered trap so they cannot be seen. For use where poisons should not be used as in homes or areas where children or pets play. Ready to use. Disposable. Glue covers all 4 sides of traps. Pre-bated. No chemicals or poisons. Economical, clean, effective and easy to use. Kills ants fast in 24 hours. Exclusive attractant gets ants to the bait fast, so they die fast. Kills also the eggs they carry. Lasts up to 3 months. Contains: 0.50 percent Sulfuramid.
Victor M510 Fly Catcher Ribbon Spectrum 11020 Black Flag Roach Killer PIC AT-3 Ant Trap
The easy to use ribbons. For clean, effective non-poisonous control of flies. No baiting, no poisons, no vapors, no mess. (24) 4-packs. Hides dead bugs. Roaches check in, but they don't check out. Traps roaches, water bugs, Palmetto bugs, spiders, crickets and scorpions. Contains 2 traps. Effective, convenient, kills sweet and grease eating  ants. Destroys the entire ant colony. Active ingredients: Sodium Tetraborate Decahydrate.
Woodstream T3200 Spider Trap PIC FR10B Fly Catcher Ribbon BOARD GLUE PEST HOUSE HOLD 4PK
Traps and kills black widows, brown recluse, scorpions, ants, cockroaches, crickets and other unwanted insects. Trap can be used flat or folded. Effectively removes pesky flying insects like flies, bees, wasps, moths and gnats. No pollution, no fumes or chemical odor. Contains 10 ribbons.
Fly Stick FSTIK-W Jumbo Pre-Baited Fly Trap Raid 71478 New Improved Formula Ant Trap PIC PLAS-BON Ant Control Bait
Pre-baited, no vapors, and contains no chemicals. Glue lasts for months. Effectively attracts and traps flies, mosquitoes, moths, gnats and other flying insects. New improved formula, kills the queen and the colony. Kills Pharaoh, Argentine, Cornfield and Carpenter ants. Contains four child-resistant bait stations. Kills sweet and grease eating ants, pavement ants, odorous ants and little black ants. Effective and easy to use. Contains 12 plastic child resistant ant bait trays.
Harris RTRP All Natural Pesticide-Free Glue Trap Harris BBTRP All Natural Pesticide-Free Insect Trap Dial Combat 45901 Ant Control
Irresistible lure draws roaches from their hiding places. Traps American cockroaches, German cockroaches, waterbugs and palmetto bugs. All natural and pesticide free. Clean, non-toxic and easy to use. Contains 2 traps. Irresistible lure draws bedbugs from their hiding places. All natural and pesticide free. Clean, non-toxic and easy to use. Place near bed spots. Contains 4 traps. Attracts ants, more effective. Ants feed on bait and carry it back to kill the queen and entire colony. Child-resistant bait trays. These discs offer excellent long term control of ants.
J.T. Eaton 844 Ready-To-Use Large Glue Trap Victor M231 Trap Refill PIC RCS Control System Bait Station
Ready to use. Non poisonous, and disposable. Pre-baited with insect attractant. For crawling, hopping, jumping and slithering pests. Designed specifically for catching spiders, including poisonous spiders such as the Hobo spider and all species of crickets. Made with famous STICK-EM glue. Large 2-1/2'' x 10'' traps. 4 traps per package. For M230 flea trap (Orgill sku no 678.5034). Detects and controls indoor flea problems. No poisons. Unique dome design attracts fleas from all directions. "Super Grabber" glue holds them fast. Roaches go in to eat and come out to die. Convenient, clean and highly effective formulation. Contains 12 plastic bait trays.
Dial Combat 55901 No Vapor Odorless Ant Quick Killer Terro T300 Ready-To-Use Liquid Ant Bait Killer Woodstream M293 Pre-Baited Poison Free Hobo Spider Trap
Kills entire colony of ants including the queen. Improved quick kill formula using food ants prefer. No vapor, fumes or odor. Contains 6 child resistant traps. Prefilled liquid bait stations, no drips or mess. Ants carry it back to the nest killing the entire colony. Controls sweet-eating ants. Main Active: Borax. 4 pre-baited traps. No setting or baiting required. Lock-tab tent hides crawling insects from direct view. Traps Hobo spiders, a deadly insect in the northwest.
GEL ROACH CONTROL 30 GRAMS    Hot Shot 95580-3 No-Pest Strip With an Odorless Vapor Hot Shot HG-95672 Ultra Liquid Ant Bait
Pre-filled disposable injector for long term control of roaches. Easily applies in cracks and crevices. Can be used in apartments, homes, food areas, etc. Kills flying and crawling bugs with an odorless vapor. Enclosed hook to hang unit up or simply stand unit up on a surface for up to 4 month protection against insects. Use in closets, basements, garages, storage areas, utility areas, attics, stored boats, stored RV's and other non-living spaces. Kills the queen and the colony. Kills in 24 hours. No drips or spills. Advanced bait technology. Contains both food and water. Ants find the bait fast, so they die fast.
Bonide Revenge 46200 Window Fly Catcher Terro T2506 Fly Trap Bonide Revange Ant Bait
Terro T2506 Fly Trap
Our Price: $7.59
Signature, superior glue on one side and non-residue double sided tape on the other for ideal catching of flies, mosquitoes, bees, asian lady beetles or any home invading insects, even fruit flies and gnats. Odorless and non toxic. Contains 4 strips. Fast acting. Prevents flies from breeding and multiplying. Safe to use in the kitchen around food. For use indoors or outdoors. All natural. Traps fly where they cannot get out. Pre-filled liquid ant bait stations for control of sweet, grease, Argentine and carpenter ants. Also kills roaches. Large 0.075 oz. bait stations for control of large/multiple colony problems. Box contains 3 bait packs.
Terro T2900 Pantry Moth Trap Havahart Safer The Pantry Pest 05140 Pest Trap Bonide Revenge 124 Non-Toxic Odorless Pantry Pest Trap
Keeps grain loving pest out of the pantry. Non-toxic and pesticide free. Traps grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, seed moths and their larvae. Attracts male grain moths, flour moths, meal moths and seed moths. 1 trap covers 1,000 square ft. area. Contains a controlled time release pheromone lure. Simply place lure in bottom of trap for easy assembly. Attracts and captures pantry pests like Indian Meal Moth, Almond Moths, Mediterranean flour Moth and Raisin Moth. For kitchens, cupboards, pet food and bird seed. Non toxic and odorless. Lasts for 3 months. Contains: Pheromone Lure.
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