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RACK FOR TOW BEHIND PRODUCTS  Agri-Fab 45-0294 Spring Tine Lawn Dethatcher AERATOR SPIKE 40IN
This rack is designed to display tow behind spreaders, aerators and sweepers only.The maxim width the rack will accommodate is 64.5". The upper frame is designed for Tow Behind Spreaders with wheel sizes from 11.5" to 15". The lower frame is for Tow Behind Aerators with wheel sizes from 9.5" to 11.5". The bottom open area is for the Tow Behind Sweepers not to exceed a width of 64.5". Designed to do a gentle job of bringing matted layers of thatch and large clippings to the surface for a healthy lawn. Use de-thatchers in spring, midsummer and fall to bring life and color back to lawn. Specifications: Hitch pin included. Single lever transport handle. 7" x 1.5" semi-pneumatic transport wheels. Weight tray capable of carrying up to 70 lbs. Towed spike-type aerator for the rapid coverage of the largest areas. Designed to achieve deep penetration without leaving soil plugs behind. Aeration depth can be adjusted by stacking the weight tray. Durable galvanized steel aeration discs. Spikes can be raised to a transport position when moving from lawn to lawn. Can be used with lawn tractor from any manufacturer.
Agri-Fab 45-0369 Curved Tow Spike Lawn Aerator Vulcan YTL31110 Lawn Sweepers Agri-Fab 45-0299 Plug Lawn Aerator
Designed to put nutrients into lawn by using a series of rotating curved-shaped tines that slice into the soil to allow seed, fertilizer, water, air, light and nutrients to reach the grass roots. Best for black dirt and loamy soils. SPECIFICATIONS: Steel weight tray, (12) 9" diameter spike disks, 7" x 1.5" semi-pneumatic transport wheels. 64 lbs. tool weight. Ideal for lawn grooming, leaf pick-up, sidewalks, and paved areas. Large 10" brush and wheel diameter. Easy lift-out hopper. Hopper size: 7 cu. ft. Rubber wheels: 10" x 1-3/4". Designed to remove 3/4" diameter soil plugs from the lawn, allowing compacts soil to loosen up. Easily aerates soil like clay, heavy-traffic areas, playgrounds and sports fields and burned out, drought-damaged lawns. SPECIFICATIONS: 32 heat-treated points, 4 per spool. 10" x 4" pneumatic tires. 3/8" hitch pin included. Up to 3" aeration depth. Weight tray capable of carrying up to 140 lbs.
AERATOR DRUM SPIKE 36IN X 14IN Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweepers
Helps nutrients get into the soil and down to the roots. Drum can be filled with water for additional weight. 275lb. capacity drum holds 24 gallons of water  40 in. overall width with a 36 in. working width. Quickly completes large jobs. 78 steel spikes penetrates ground to 2 -1/2". 12HP or larger tractor required to pull. Allows you to sweep and mow at the same time. Easy to assemble; no tools required. Adjustable hitch easily and quickly adjusts to the height of the tractor hitch. Easy to adjust brushes to correct sweeping height. Built in gauge to measure the depth for precise cleaning. Extra large flow through bag so you don't have to dump as often. The sweeper collapses for easy storage. Assembled size: 78" x 55" x 52".