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LEAF/LAWN SCOOP POLY PAIR     Corona Clipper GT 3050 Extendable Handle Rake Marshalltown 839 Lute Handle
Poly discs worn on your hands like mittens. Fits either hand. Tine ends allow you to totally pick up pile residue. The solid panels prevent small objects like acorns from being missed. Handles messy jobs like picking up wet leaves, grass, brush etc without getting your hands dirty. Convenient holes at the top of each scoop for hanging. 100 percent made in the USA. Strong, lightweight steel handle adjusts for extra reach. Head is fully heat-treated for enhanced durability. Long-lasting black carbon dioxide coating resists chips and rust. Comfortable, soft textured grip with rugged high impact thermoplastic ferrule. Convenient hanging ring ensures easy storage. Fits asphalt lute No.838 sold separately.
Vulcan 33243 Level Head Rakes Ames 2915100 Adjustable Thatch Rake Razor Back 83154 Concrete Mover
Gray level rake, ferrule, black steel collar. Lacquered handle. Use for removing thatch and dead grass from lawn. 20 flanged, self-cleaning teeth work on both pull and push motions. Use repair handle No.962. Use for spreading and leveling concrete. Socket pattern steel blade with rebar hook is nailed to socket.
Vulcan 33249 Landscape Rakes Marshalltown 838 Asphalt Lute Razor Back 63000 Landscape Rake With Wrap Around Bolted Brace
Natural color aluminum. Lightweight T-section blade with blunt teeth designed to allow material to pass through without catching. Rugged formed steel pole connector prevents breakage and ensures rigidity. Head Only. Handle Not Included. To Order Handle (Orgill no. 851.8706). Use for spreading dirt, gravel and sand. Heavy-duty aluminum head with wrap-around bolted brace for added strength and stability. Powder coated aluminum handle.
Razor Back 63136 Landscape Rake Razor Back 63121 Road Rake Razor Back 63133 Contractor Lute With 5-1/2 in End Grip
For spreading dirt, gravel and sand. Heavy-duty aluminum head with wrap-around bolted braces for strength and durability. Powder coated aluminum handle. Use for spreading and leveling gravel. One-piece forged steel head with 14 tines. For spreading and leveling asphalt and tar. Aluminum head with wrap around bolted braces. Powder-coated aluminum handle with 5-1/2" end grip. 36'' head.
Razor Back 63125 Asphalt Rake
Use for spreading and leveling asphalt and tar. 14 tines with one-piece forged head, long steel shank to protect handle from heat.