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BLADE SHINGLE REMOVE REPLCMNT Dasco Pro 640 Shingle Rippers Link Handle 1035 Shingle Remover Blade Kit
Replacement blade for shingle remover. Removes a single shingle without damaging either the piece removed or surrounding pieces. Can be used on all types of shingles. Replacement blade kit for No.SG1 (SKU 632.3026) shingle remover. Includes blade, heel plate and hardware.
RIPPER ROOF 14 GA WD HDL 48IN Vulcan 3239 Roof Rippers Razor-Back 46141 Notch Edged Roof Shovel With Turned Step
Tumble and lacquered 14-gauge head, polished and lacquered socket. Best for removing shingles. Best for removing shingles. Turned step notched blade removes nails and shingles. 13 strong welds hold fulcrum securely to blade for leverage. Industrial gauge tempered steel blade. Ash handle with 9" socket.
Bully Tools 91110 100% American Made Shingle Removers Vulcan 33858 Asphalt Shingle Removers Qualcraft 2560 Shingle Removers
100 percent American made. ProShingle. Fiberglass D-grip handle. 10 gauge, notched steel teeth, replaceable blade. Head: 9", handle: (from head) 40", tool length: 45". Commercial grade. Extra thick 10 gauge steel. Extra wide comfort no-break D-Grip with no-slip texture. High strength triple-wall fiberglass. Mintcraft Shingle Remover, Asphalt Fiberglass Handle, D-Handle Handle Lightweight and versatile. Rugged all-steel construction with heat tempered work edge. Ergonomically designed to reduce worker fatigue. For use with most roof pitches. Leverage applied by the offset steel handle's design reduces the force needed to lift and remove shingles.
Razor-Back 46142 Notch Edged Roof Shovel Seymour SG1 Roof Rippers Qualcraft 2570 Strip Fast Shingle Removers
Best for removing shingles. Turned step. Notched blade removes nails and shingles. 12 welds hold securely to blade fulcrum for leverage. Industrial gauge tempered steel blade. Ash handle with steel and wood D-Grip and 9" socket. Use repair handle No.871. Angled head to reduce strain on back and arms. Professional quality tool makes shingle and nail removal easier. Extra-strong steel brace and carbon steel skid plate. Replaceable 9" serrated steel blade. Ergonomic design with vinyl grip handles, rugged steel construction and a hot tempered work edge. Lightweight and versatile. For general purpose shingle use on steeper roofs. D-grip handle for extra heavy duty service and comfort. Ideal for removing fiberglass or asphalt roof shingles. All steel construction for the toughness needed to perform the application. Replaceable, serrated tempered carbon steel blades and skid plates. Weighs less than 6 lbs.