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Westclox 47312 Arched Quartz Alarm Clock Westclox 70044B Electric Alarm Clock Westclox Travelmate Compact Folding Travel Alarm Clock
Alarm with snooze. Light on Demand. Luminous Hands. Uses one AA battery (Not Included). Alarm with snooze. Battery back-up. 0.6" red LED display. 0.5" LCD display. Folding case. Snooze and light on demand. Includes hour/min, drowse/light button, time set/alarm set and on/off switch.
Westclox 70044A Electric Alarm Clock Westclox 70043X Compact Large Alarm Clock Westclox 47539A Celebrity Glo-Clock Alarm Clock
Alarm with snooze. Battery back-up. 0.6" red LED display. Large easy to read LCD display. Touch activated blue back light. Four (4) minute snooze alarm. Ascending alarm. Uses (2) AAA batteries (not included). Alarm with snooze. Light on Demand. 0.8" LCD display. Includes hour/min., on/off, snooze/light and time set/alarm set switch. Uses one AA battery (Not Included).
Westclox 22690 Electric Retro Alarm Clock Dialite 22192 Quartz Alarm Clock CLOCK ALARM DIAL KEYWOUND WHT
Battery back-up. Includes hour/minute, snooze button and alarm off/on switch. 0.6" Red LED alarm clock. Easy to read dial. Alarm with snooze. Black Numbers. Black hands with red second hand. Silent seconds hand. Ascending alarm. For areas prone to power outages, and for travel, when you don't want to, or cannot, rely on the local power source. Requires no batteries or electric power to keep key wound time. Loud bell alarm clock in white. Independent alarm indicator. Luminous hands.
Big Ben Classic Quartz Twin Bell Alarm Clock Big Ben 70010 Quartz Twin Bell Alarm Clock Westclox Baby Ben Wind Up Alarm Clock
Goldtone analog battery operated twin bell alarm. Nickel analog battery operated twin bell alarm. Loud bell alarm. Durable construction. Quartz Battery Movement, Uses one AA (not included). Silver tone bezel and base with white face and case. Metal hands and base. Luminous hands for night reading. Black numerals and markers.
Westclox 70014 Plasma Alarm Clock Big Ben 90010 Quartz Alarm Clock Westclox 66705 Large Display Alarm Clock
Thin plasma design. 0.9" LED. Classic Big Ben alarm clock. Analog white display with black numerals. Seconds hand and alarm hand. Metal case base and hands. Luminous Hands. Quartz movement. Uses one (1) AA battery not included. Alarm with oversized snooze bar. Battery back-up. 1.8" red LED alarm clock. Includes alarm set, hour/min., and time set buttons.
Westclox 71014X Plasma Screen Alarm Clock Westclox 80187 Plasma Alarm Clock
0.9" LED plasma display. USB charging port. Alarm with snooze.  Adjustable Alarm Volume (Hi/Lo). Jumbo easy to read red led display. AM/FM digital radio - memory for 20 presets. Sleep & wake to music. Dual alarm with snooze. Audio input for music players (aux cable not included). Electric operated. Battery backup. Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included). 1.8" digital clock radio.