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DISPENSR SEATCOVER WT         North American Paper? 56TR Jumbo Double Roll Towel Dispenser North American Paper? 66TR Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser
Dispenses half fold toilet seat covers. Use with SKU 685.3287 covers. Use with Orgill SKU# 675.4790, 675.4808, and 685.5886, bathroom tissue. High-impact plastic construction. See-through gray door/gray back. 11"H x 10-1/5"W x 5"D for 9" jumbo roll capacity, 1000'L 2-Ply No.880499 (SKU 675.4808) or 2,000'L 1-Ply No.422806 (675.4790), and SKU 685.5886.
North American Paper? 5510202 Non-Touch Hand Towel Dispenser North American Paper? 57320 Double Roll Paper? Towel Dispenser Oceans San Jamar Double Roll Bathroom Tissue Dispenser
Simplify and complement any environment, providing a clean, hygienic appearance. Design ensures easy and intuitive maintenance, refilling and use. High capacity that is ideal for busy washrooms. Hands free dispensing provides a hygienic, one-at-a-time solution for your washroom. The user touches only the towel needed - reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Reliable and durable. Neutral, minimalist shape - a seamless capsule that fits in any environment. Semi-transparent cover and indication window makes it easy to see when a refill is needed saving maintenance time. Push bar for loading and emergency feeds. Utilizes any Tork H1 Roll Towel. Dimensions: Width 13.2 in, Height 14.7 in, Depth 8.1 in. For use with SKU's 828.5603 and 860.2401 towels. Can use with SKU's 675.4766, 675.4782, and 685.3584. Ideal companion to any towel dispenser. Eliminates waste by protecting a visible fresh roll until the first roll is completely used. Can use with SKU's 675.4766, 675.4782, and 685.3584.
North American Paper? 5511201 Towel Roll Dispenser North American Paper? 144069 C-Fold/Multi-Fold Paper North American Paper 84TR Tork Paper Towel Dispensers
The touch-free electronic Tork Elevation Intuition virtually eliminates cross contamination while cutting back on supply waste. Each unit features a choice of two dispensing modes. The towel remains inside the cabinet until the user activates the sensor, delivers maximum hygiene. An adjustable towel length of 8 inches to 24 inches and a stub roll compartment combine to deliver more precise control of consumption. Batteries lasts up to 40 rolls on average with normal usage. It's easy to reach and simple to reload. Can be mounted directly to wall or within a recessed compartment. Numerous back-plate mounting slots fit most any pattern. Utilizes any Tork H1 Roll Towel. Uses 3 "D size" batteries.  Dimensions: Width: 13.2 in, Height 14.6 in, Depth 8.1 in. For use with SKU's 828.5603 and 860.2401 towels. Easy to clean smooth, high impact plastic cover with no recesses compliments all decors. Opaque cover allows for "at a glance" inspection for refills and hides scratches. 18" x 11.75" x 6.25". For use with SKU# 675.4675 towel. Helps control consumption and reduce maintenance. Easy-to-load, offers economical dispensing in adjustable 2.5", 3.5", or 4.5" increments. Durable lever mechanism rigorously tested to simulate 5 years of high traffic at a rate of 850' per day. Transfer system transfers paper flow from the stub roll to the main roll, reliably reducing waste. Roll transfer indicator to know when to put main in stub position and reload. See-through grey/grey, covered and key-lock design protects against waste and pilferage while making refilling quick and easy. 14.875" x 12.125" x 10.000", durable, high-capacity, high-impact plastic construction holds over 1000' of paper, stands up to cleaning chemicals and 250 Lbs. of force. Can use with Nos.904006 (SKU 675.4691) or 893106 (675.4717) rolls.
North American Paper T850TBK Pull Down Non-Touch Paper Towel Dispenser North American Paper? 102220 Center Pull Paper? Towel Dispenser
Hands-free alternative, features an integrated dispensing arm on front. Fits all style roll towels.  Can use with SKU's  926.8418, 926.8426, 685.5860, and 810.2097. Smart, efficient center pull solution that is ideal for use in businesses and high-traffic public facilities such as manufacturing plants, educational facilities, stadiums and travel facilities that demand greater capacity and greater value. Plastic, smoke in color. 10.5" x 9.875" x 10.0". Use with center pull towel No.896906 (SKU 810.2063) and 043.8681.