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Imperial KK0156 Firebrick Imperial BM0135 Magnetic Thermometer Vogelzang CS-01 Kettle Chicken Steamer
Imperial Firebrick, 9 in Length X 4-1/2 in Width X 1-1/4 in Height Imperial Magnetic Thermometer, Suitable For Use With: Single Wall Stove Pipe Vogelzang Kettle Chicken Steamer, Suitable For Use With: Hot Stove, 1 qt Capacity, 5-3/4 in Length X 9-1/2 in Width X 7 in Height, Cast Iron, Includes: (1) Steamer, (1) Lid, CSA Approved, For Heating Water to Provide a Soothing Heat in Cold Winter
United States Stove BKAD500 Adapter Kit Vogelzang 26G Wood Stove Grate Vogelzang 42G Wood Stove Grate
United States Stove Adapter Kit, 60 in Height X 23 in Width X 34-1/2 in Depth, Suitable For Use With: Standard Double Barrel, Cast Iron, Black Vogelzang Wood Stove Grate, 7 in Width, 17-3/4 in Depth, 2 in Height, Cast Iron, For BX26E Box Wood Stove Vogelzang Wood Stove Grate, 11 in Width, 21 in Depth, 2-3/4 in Height, Cast Iron, For BX42E Box Wood Stove
Vogelzang BK100E Barrel Stove Kit ESW AC-16 Stove Blower STOVE MEDIUM CAST IRON EPA
Our Price: $239.99
Barrel Stove Kit, 6 in Round Flue Collar, 10 X 11 in Door Opening, 2 Pieces, Includes: (1) Legs, Door, (1) Flue Collar with Damper and All Mounting Hardware, Suitable For Use With: 30 or 55 gal Steel Drum, For Rustic Cabin, Pole Barn or Workshop ESW Stove Blower, Suitable For Use With: FP12 or NC13 for Free-Standing Stoves, Wood Burning Stove, 2-Speed, 3-Position Switch, Black Rustic, heavy duty, cast iron construction. Ideal for any rugged outdoorsman, those with a nostalgic taste, or someone simply looking for reliable, cost efficient, heating.  Inside this rugged exterior is a modern EPA Certified stove. Dimensions: 21.5"W x 30.5"D x 25.75"H. Weight 116 lbs. Heats up to 900 Sq. Ft. Accepts up to 23" logs. MAY NOT BE INSTALLED IN MOBILE HOMES - EPA Emissions: EPA CERTIFIED. The dealer is responsible for knowing the regulation in their Provinces, State, city, county, district, or zip code.
The Railroad Potbelly PB65XL Railroad Potbelly Stove United States Stove 2000 Wood Stove United States Stove 5500 Pellet Stove
The Railroad Potbelly Railroad Potbelly Stove, 200000 BTU, 1500 sq-ft, 40 lb Coal/Wood Fuel, 10 X 19 in Firebox, 0.65 Efficiency, Cast Iron, 34 in Overall Height, 22 in Overall Width, 20 in Overall Depth United States Stove Wood Stove, Model: 2000, 89000 BTU, 2000 sq-ft, 100 cfm, 21 in Log Wood Fuel, 6 in Flue Collar, 22-1/2 X 12-1/2 in Firebox, 1.9 cu-ft Firebox, Clearance From Side Wall: 8 in, Clearance From Rear Wall: 6 in, Clearance From Front: 25 in, Steel, Matte Black, 30 in Overall Height, 27 in Overall Width, 24-1/2 in Overall Depth United States Stove Pellet Stove, Model: 5500, 48000 BTU, 2200 sq-ft, 120 cfm, 110 - 120 V, 60 Hz, 3 A, 60 hr, 120 lb Pellet Fuel, 2 - 6 lb/hr Emissions, Clearance From Side Wall: 8 in, Clearance From Rear Wall: 2 in, 34 in Overall Height, 26 in Overall Width, 25 in Overall Depth
Ponderosa TR007 Wood Stove United States Stove 1500 Wood/Coal Furnace Summers Heat 49-SHCPM Multi-Fuel Wood Stove
Ponderosa Wood Stove, 152000 BTU, 2600 sq-ft, 150 cfm, 14 hr, 22 in Log Wood Fuel, 15 X 9 in Door, 18-1/2 X 26 in Firebox, 0.82 Efficiency, Steel, 33 in Overall Height, 24 in Overall Width, 38-1/2 in Overall Depth, Includes: (1) Blower, UL Listed, CSA, EPA Certified United States Stove Wood/Coal Furnace, Model: 1500, 139000 BTU, 2500 sq-ft, 550 cfm, 26 in Log Wood, 70 lb Coal Fuel, 6 in Flue Collar, 20 X 30-1/2 in Firebox, 0.65 Efficiency, Cast Iron, 40-1/4 in Overall Height, 24-1/4 in Overall Width, 48 in Overall Depth, Includes: Shaker Grates, Draft Inducer Kit And Universal Filter Box Summers Heat Wood Stove, Multi-Fuel, 2200 sq-ft, 250 cfm, 60 lb Corn/Wood Pellet Fuel, 3 in Flue Collar, 11-1/2 X 14-3/4 in Door, 33 in Overall Height, 28 in Overall Width, 28 in Overall Depth, Includes: Outside Air Kit, EPA Certified