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PEDESTAL SWITCH REPLACEMENT   American Granby BQC-125/150BLK Connector Hose Hancor 1524ADH Sump Pump Well
Universal design replaces most external pedestal pump float swithes. Durable metal switch arm. Includes wire leads and mounting hardwaare. 120V, 15 amp. 10" hose connects check valve to discharge line. For 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" pipe. High density polyethylene construction. Includes three pre-formed inlet collars sized to fit 4" corrugated polyethylene drainage lines. Molded side panel is designed lines. Molded side panel is designed to accept outside basement perimeter line at any elevation along well wall. Meets ASTM D3350. 18" Dia. x 24" Length. CSA approved. Lid not included.
Sta-Rite FP18-15BD-P2 Tethered Float Switch Superior Pump 92130 Wireless Remote Water Detector BATTERY 75AMP SEALD LEAD ACID
Replaces most standard float switches. Ideal for 14" diameter or larger sump basins. Piggy-back style plug with 10' cord. Mounting strap included. Pump remote monitor with early warning alerts to help you protect your property and minimize repair costs. Set your smartphone, tablet or computer to monitor for water leaks and high or low temperature/humidity levels to prevent frozen pipes or mold growth. Water damage can be caused by frozen or broken pipes, rusty water heaters, leaky roofs, basements and foundations from snow, rain or floods, faulty plumbing installation, sump pump overflow, leaky dishwasher hoses and washing machine overflow. Connect the included gateway to your existing network router, and register your remote monitor to activate remote monitoring. Receive text and email alerts. Sealed AGM (absorbent glass mat) lead acid design. Spill proof design. Longer run times. Longer service life. Up to 5 times faster charge compared to flooded battery. No maintenance required. Recommend for use with backup sump pump systems. Will pump approximately 5900 gallons of water per charge*. Battery dimensions: 10-1/4"L x 6-1/2"W x 9-1/2"H