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Includes chain, hook and ring. Steel construction. For use with most toilets, molded in one piece. Black finish. Assembly set including 5" lift wire and chain.
World Wide Sourcing PMB-477 Toilet Lift Wire & Rod Set Plumb Pak PP835-33 Flapper Lift Chain With Hook and Ring FLOAT ROD TOILET 10IN ADJUST
Brass wires with aluminum rod. Plumb Pak Flapper Lift Chain, Universal, 9 in Length Steel construction. Universal design.
Wing nuts for tank-to-bowl bolts. Steel construction. Universal design. 8? float rod with extra long threads. Brass construction. Includes 4-1/2" lift wire and beaded chain.
Plumb Pak PP835-12 Flexible Fill Valve Refill Tube With Clip Plumb Pak PP9906-1 Toilet Tank Float Ball Plumb Pak PP835-13 Adjustable Tank Ball Guide Arm
Plumb Pak Fill Valve Refill Tube, Flexible, 1/4 in OD X 9 in Length, Plastic Plumb Pak Toilet Tank Float Ball, Plastic, Black Carded.
LIFT WIRE TOILET UNIV 9 INCH  Plumb Pak PP835-61 Overflow Tube Plumb Pak PP835-5 Toilet Float Rod and Lift Wire
Brass construction, universal design. Includes 9? lift wire and 4-1/2? tank bulb stem. 1" or 1-1/8" x 10". 1 upper wire and 1 lower wire.
Plumb Pak PP835-11 Flapper Lift Chain Plumb Pak PP835-70 Toilet Tank Float Rod Harvey 07203412 X-Thick Tank/Bowl Kit
Flapper lift wire and chain. Plumb Pak Toilet Tank Float Rod, Suitable For Use With: 2 in Flush Valve Assembly, 1/4 in Diameter X 10 in Length, Brass 3-1/2"O.D. x 2-1/8"I.D. x 1-1/8" double thick sponge rubber gasket with hex recess and bolt kit. Bolt kit includes two 5/16" x 3" brass tank bolts, 4 cloth reinforced rubber washers, 4 heavy round washers and 4 brass hex nuts. Fits most close-coupled toilets. Hanging bag.
TOILET TANK REPAIR KIT        World Wide Sourcing 24451-3L Toilet Tank Repair Kit Plumb Pak PP23004 Economy Toilet Tank Repair Kit
The Korky 2" EasyFix Flush Valve Repair Kit is designed to repair corrosion or deposits on plastic and brass flush valve seats. The kit includes a Korky Plus flapper, a plastic flush valve seat and silicone sealant to repair corroded flush valve seats without removing your toilet tank. The engineered materials resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard water, and well water. Silicone seals within 15 minutes. Made of flexible rubber for a tight seal and easy to install, the 2003 includes: (1) Premium Flapper, (1) Stainless Steel Chain, (1) Plastic Flush Valve Seat and (1) Tube of Silicone Sealant. 8-1/2" height. Contains ballcock, tube, float rod, float, and flapper ball. Economy kit for 8-1/2" tanks. Includes float, 8" ballcock, flapper and float rod.
Plumb Pak K831-1 Toilet Tank Repair Kit Korky QuietFill 818BP Fill Valve and Flapper Fluidmaster 400C Toilet Tank Repair Kit
Includes metal refill tube clip, rubber cone washer, rubber refill tube, plastic lock nut, plastic washer, flapper with chain hook. Features low profile design, twist knob adjustment for water level control, quiet operation. Fits standard 2-piece toilets. Designed to fix no/slow refilling, running, and noisy toilets, the Korky QuietFILL Toilet Fill Valve is quieter than other fill valves. It has a universal design to fit all brands and features a wide range of adjustability to fit most 2-piece and 1-piece toilets. The QuietFill Fill Valve is very easy to install and adjust; no tools are required. Simply remove your old fill valve or ballcock, insert your new Korky fill valve, and adjust. The innovative twist-lock adjustment makes installation easy. Designed to fit more toilets, the QuietFill toilet fill valve adjusts from 7-3/4 inch to 13-1/2 inch.  Also included is the longest lasting Korky Plus 2 In. Toilet Tank Flapper. Easy to install, the 818 includes: (1) 528 Fill Valve, (1) 2001 Flapper, (1) Refill Tube, (1) Metal Refill Tube Clip, (1) Mounting Nut, (1) Cone Washer, (1) Coupling Nut, (1) Tamper Proof Key and (1) Instructions. Corrosion resistant material. Alerts you to water waste, automatically signals if tank leak should develop. Fits most toilet tanks. Anti-siphon design prevents contamination of fresh water supply. Valve height and water level adjusts for correct fit and most efficient flush level. The Bulls Eye Flappers corrosion free plastic seat assures complete shut-off, no more handle jiggling. Simplified design eliminates old brackets, lift wires and assures positive alignment. Chlorine-resistant for harsh water regions. Meets anti-siphon codes. Carded.
Plumb Pak PP830-4 Economy Toilet Tank Repair Kit TANK REPAIR KIT ANTI-SIPHON   Korky WaterWise 818Z Anti-Siphon Fill Valve and Flapper
Economy kit for 8-1/2" tanks. Includes float, 8" ballcock, flapper and float rod. Includes: universal flapper with adapter, float with rod and ballcock with refill tube. Fill valve is designed for municipalities requiring anti-siphon valving. For single-flush applications. Plastic construction. Designed to minimize costly water loss, the WaterWI$E Fill Valve is the only dual shut-off fill valve that detects flapper leaks and hang-ups. Saves water due to leaks by not refilling the tank during a slow flapper leak and automatically shuts off if flapper is stuck open. Designed to fit more toilets, this toilet fill valve adjusts from 7-3/4" to 13-1/2", fitting large and small tanks. The WaterWI$E Fill Valve is quieter than other fill valves. Included in the kit is the Korky Plus 2 in. toilet tank flapper. The universal flapper is constructed from durable rubber and offers chlorine resistance. Easy to install, the 818Z includes: (1) 528Z Fill Valve, (1) 2001 Flapper, (1) Refill Tube, (1) Metal Refill Tube Clip, (1) Mounting Nut, (1) Cone Washer, (1) Coupling Nut, (1) Tamper Proof Key and (1) Instructions.
World Wide Sourcing 24449 Toilet Tank Repair Kits Plumb Pak PP830-8 Adjustable Floatless Toilet Repair Kit Plumb Pak PP830-2 Toilet Tank Repair Kit
Contains ballcock, tube, float rod, ball, tank lever, lift wire, and guide holder. Kit with flapper. Adjustable and floatless. Adjusts from 9-1/2" to 13-1/2". Eliminates float ball and rod. Kit for 8-1/2" tanks. Includes: tank ball, float lift wires, float rod, tank lever, guide holder, and 8" ballcock. Carded.
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