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HomeLine HOM2100CP Standard Circuit Breaker Square D QOM100VHCP Type QO Standard Circuit Breaker Eaton BW2200 Circuit Breaker
Homeline 100 amp double-pole circuit breaker for overload and short-circuit protection of an electrical system. Common-trip design with a thermal-magnetic tripping mechanism. Accepts aluminum or copper conductors. Rated for 120/240Vac and at 10,000 Ampre Interrupting Rating (AIR). CSA approved to only install in Canadian HomeLine loadcentres. Double-pole 125 amp main circuit breaker helps protect against surges and overcurrent. Designed with a QOM1 frame size. Compatible with QO and Homeline load centers and should be used with main lugs rated 100A. ANSI Certified and UL Listed. Replaces main breaker on 200 amp type BR loadcenters. Includes main breaker, mounting screws, two bus torque nuts, and instructions. For field installed mains. #2 - 300 kcmil wire range. 120/240 volt AC; 10,000 AIR.
Eaton BJ-2200 Type BJ Circuit Breaker Square D QDL22200 Type QDL Standard Circuit Breaker Square D QO130M200PRB QO Main Breaker Load Center
For use in single and 3-phase Type BR loadcenters 150 amp and up. Requires two 1" pole spaces on left side and two 1" pole spaces on right side. No.BJHDS hold down kit, necessary for using as a main or back feed device, sold separately. #2 - 300 kcmil wire range. 120/240 volt AC, 10,000 AIC. Q-frame, 2 pole molded case unit mount circuit breaker. It is used for overload and short circuit protection of electrical systems. Compatible with Schneider Electric panelboards and switchboards. Rated for 240 VAC at 10,000 AIR. HACR Rated. ANSI Certified and UL Listed. Built with a shielded copper bus bar. UL Listed.