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Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-ACL-11 Photocontrol Area Lighting CPGI-ALR-PL-120S- Photocontrol AmerTac SLC4CB-4 Dusk to Dawn Light Control Socket
Converts manually operated interior table lamps to dusk-to-dawn lighting. Plug the control into any interior 120 volt outlet. For incandescent loads only. Designed for indoor or outdoor use and has a small profile that fits into most table lamps or outdoor post lanterns. 120 volt with a range of  105-130 volts, 150 watt tungsten load rating. Indoor/outdoor dusk to dawn light control for incandescent bulbs. Fixed light shutter. 150 watts maximum. Plastic housing. Screw-in connection. 2.2" x 1.5" x 1.5".
AmerTac SLC4CG Self-Tightening Dusk to Dawn Light Control AmerTac SLC5BCW-4 Dusk to Dawn Light Control Socket AmerTac SLC5BCB-4 Dawn Light Control
AmerTac Dusk to Dawn Light Control, Self-Tightening, 150 W, Screw-In Connection, 2.2 in Overall Height, 1-1/2 in Overall Width, 1-1/2 in Overall Depth, Plastic, Gray, UL Listed, Number of Lights Controllable: 1, For Indoor/Outdoor Applications Outdoor/indoor dusk to dawn light control. Turns compact fluorescent, LED, halogen, and incandescent bulbs on at dusk, off at dawn. Includes removable lens shield to block light reflection, reducing blinking. 150 watts maximum. Plastic housing. Screw-in connection. AmerTac Dawn Light Control, 150 W, Dusk On - Dawn OFF Timing Range, Screw-In Connection, 3 in Overall Height, 2.2 in Overall Width, 1.7 in Overall Depth, Plastic, Includes: Removable Lens Shield to Block Light Reflection, Reducing Blinking, For Outdoor/Indoor, Driveways, Entrances and Patio Lights
Amertac SLC2BCB3-4 Light-Sensing Socket Reducer Socket Adapter AmerTac SLC6CBC-4 Programmable Light Control Socket LIGHT CONTROL PROGRAMMABLE
Candelabra light control. Turns incandescent candelabra based light bulbs on at dusk, off at dawn. Spring loaded contact allows for proper sensor orientation. Simulates home occupancy, ends coming home in the dark. 60 watts maximum. Plastic housing. 1.85" x 1.4" x 1.4". Outdoor/indoor programmable light control for incandescent/CFL/LED bulbs. Medium base light control screws into the fixture, bulb screws into control. Programmable off timer from 2, 5 or 8 hours, plus dusk to dawn settings. Random off timer deters intruders. Contact plunger allows sensor window to change direction. Digital microprocessor for full brightness and no flicker operation. 100 watts maximum. Plastic housing. Screw-in connection. 3.3" x 2.16" x 2.16". Programmable light control with a single dial that allows users to see what setting they have selected. Choose how long light stays on after dusk, 2, 5, 8 hours or until dawn. Micro-processor intelligence helps determine more accurate off-time in the morning. Random off option deters intruders. Outdoor use with rain tight fixture. Do not use with opaque or frosted glass fixtures. Contact plunger allows optimization of the sensor window direction. Works with incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs, 100W max bulb upward, 60W max bulb downward, 120V, 60Hz.
Converts any lamp into a motion-sensing light. Any lamp plugged into the device will turn on when motion is detected within 25-feet in a 100 degree detection zone. The light will automatically turn off at a selectable time of 1, 2, 5, 10, or 20 minutes after motion stops. Compatible with LED, incandescent, and CFL bulbs. 10A, 1200W resistive. Turns light on when motion is detected and turns off automatically after ten minutes. Detects motion up to 20 feet away. Up to 360 degree detection zone. Screws into any uncovered light socket. Works with incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. 75 watt bulb maximum. AmerTac Motion Activated Light Control, 120 V, 75 W, 60 Hz, 30 ft Sensing, 120 deg Sensing, LED Lamp, 1 Lamps, Ceiling Mounting, 4.35 in Overall Height, 2-3/4 in Overall Width, 2-3/4 in Overall Depth, Plastic, For Indoor Applications
Plug in a lamp for 4-in-1 wireless control. Select all day motion, night time motion, dusk-to-dawn or random. Great for hallways, entryways, basements, bathrooms and more. Compatible with LED, incandescent, and CFL bulbs. 10A, 1200W resistive.