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Awesome 390 Tile and Grout Cleaner TileLab TLSACRA1 Acid Cleaner ZEP ZU104632 Acid Based Grout Cleaner and Whitener
Spray on and wash off to keep your dirty tile and grout looking like new. Concentrated crystals that mix with water to make a mild, safe to use, acid cleaner. Removes dried Portland cement, grout haze and mortar residue from tile, concrete and masonry. Safe for use on all colors of grout, tile, day pavers, concrete and masonry. Removes hard water deposits, efflorescence and also etches concrete. Covers 300 sq ft per gallon. Industrial strength acidic cleaner for grout. Detergent and acid based blend, easily cleans and whitens floor grout.
Tile Guard TGPC22-6/9330 Professional Strength Tile/Grout Cleaner TileLab TLGHRRAQT-3 Acidic Grout Haze Remover Miracle TSC 6/1 32OZ Tile and Stone Cleaner
Cuts through soil and hard water build-up. Non-abrasive, Non-acidic formula breaks down soap scum and greasy build-up on tile and grout. Cleans all non-porous surfaces. Ready-to-use liquid removes grout haze or residue and efflorescence with a safe-to-use acidic treatment. Glazed and unglazed ceramic tile (may etch some glazed tile), NOT for marble or polished stone. Designed for ceramic & porcelain tile, natural stone & grout. Removes dirt and stains. Nontoxic cleaner that can handle the most difficult stains, yet is gentle enough for everyday use. Covers up to 1,000-10,000 sq ft per gallon.
Aqua Mix AMNSQT Deep Cleaner Miracle Sealants 511ic Kleen and Reseal
Abrasive cleaner that utilizes nano-sized particles to penetrate into small surface pores where it can work to remove surface stains and residues. Removes factory applied waxes and floor finishes, coating sealers, light grout residue (including epoxy), rubber and pencil marks, light mineral deposits, ground-in dirt and most sealer residues. Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-acidic. Cream consistency. Covers 200-2,000 sq ft per gallon. Designed to remove dirt and soil from granite, marble, natural stone, ceramic & porcelain tile & grout. Cuts through dirt and soil with no rinsing, no streaking and no soapy residue left behind. Cover up to 1,000 sq ft per 32 Oz. Coverage varies depending on surface.