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Liquid Nails DW-24 Liquid Nails Drywall Adhesive Henkel 1498717 Greenseries Drywall/Panel Adhesive Franklin 5352 Drywall Adhesive
Liquid Nails Drywall Adhesive, 28 oz Capacity, Cartridge, 22 g/l VOC, 100 cPs Viscosity, 8 pH, Liquid, Light Tan, 88 ft Linear Coverage, 15 min Application, Mild Hydrocarbon Odor/Scent, 204.8 Deg F Flash Point, Composition: Limestone, Kaolin, Vinyl Acetate/Ethylene Copolymer  Quartz (SiO2), Titanium Dioxide, Cristobalite, Water, Flammability Rating: 1, 1.443 Specific Gravity, 40 - 100 Deg F Application, Applicable Materials: Wood, Studding, Rafters, Galvanized Steel, Ceiling Systems, Aluminum, Drywall, Other Surfaces and Foamboard, Synthetic Rubber Latex Base, 80 Psi For 24 hr, 110 Psi For 48 hr, 250 Psi For 7 Days Shear, -20 to 140 Deg F, Resists: Water, Standards: ASTM C557, For Interior Applications Loctite Drywall and Panel Adhesive, Series: F-38, Green, 28 oz Capacity, Paper Cartridge, <2 g/l VOC, 225000 - 325000 cPs Viscosity, 7.2 - 7.8 pH, Paste, Green, 86 ft At 1/4 in Bead, 38 ft At 3/8 in Bead Coverage, 48 hr Functional Cure, Mild Odor/Scent, Media: Carbon Dioxide, Foam, Powder and Water Fog, Composition: Limestone, Kaolin, Ethylene Glycol, Quartz (SiO2), Flammability Rating: 0, 1.224 Specific Gravity, 40 Deg F Application, Applicable Materials: Wood Trim, Plywood and Hardboard, Acrylic Base, 18.3 Psi Tensile, 26.3 Psi Shear, Non-Flammable Solid Curing Method, 10 - 170 Deg F, For Mirrors or Underwater Applications Titebond Drywall Adhesive, Series: Professional, 29 oz Capacity, Cartridge, 365 g/l VOC, 150000 cPs Viscosity, Liquid/Paste, Light Beige, 355 ft At 1/8 in Bead, 89 ft At 1/4 in Bead, 39 ft At 3/8 in Bead Coverage, 20 min For 1/4 in Bead Application, Solvent Odor/Scent, 14 Deg F Flash Point, Media: Dry Chemical, Carbon Dioxide, Water Spray (Fog) and Foam, Composition: Methyl Acetate, N-hexane, Vinyl Acetate, Flammability Rating: 3, 1.12 Specific Gravity, 10 - 100 Deg F Application, Applicable Materials: Plywood, Hardboard, Gypsum Wallboard Drywall, Some Steel and Aluminum, Application Method: Cartridge/Caulking Gun, 0 - 120 Deg F, Resists: Moisture and Aging, Standards: ASTM C557
Henkel 1630096 Osi Drywall Adhesive ADHESIVE DRYWALL 28 OZ
Osi Drywall Adhesive, Series: F-38, Heavy Duty, 28 oz Capacity, Cartridge, 7.5 g/l VOC, 270000 mPa-s Viscosity, 7 pH, Paste, Light Tan, 86 ft At 1/4 in Bead, 38 ft At 3/8 in Bead Coverage, 15 min Application, 2 - 7 Days Functional Cure, Strong Solvent Odor/Scent, 1.4 Deg F Flash Point, Media: Foam, Dry Chemical and Carbon Dioxide, Composition: Limestone, Acetone, Kaolin, Methyl Acetate, Titanium Dioxide, Quartz (SiO2), 1.39 Specific Gravity, 55 - 100 Deg F Application, Synthetic Rubber, Resins Formaldehyde Free Base, Non-Flammable Solid Curing Method, -20 to 150 Deg F, Standards: ASTM C557 Premium grade adhesive specifically formulated for drywall installation. Prevents nail pops and helps limit air and sound movement between walls. Easy to gun adhesive that delivers a strong permanent bond. Instant grab. Exceeds ASTM C557