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Ad Tech T3438CK Mixing Nozzle Kit Ultra Bond 1 A9-1 Anchoring Adhesive Miraclebond 1350 A9-MB1350HN Anchoring Adhesive
Nozzle kit for Ultrabond epoxy 22 oz. system.  Hi-Flow nozzles reduce waste while increasing flow. 15 inch length snaps off to 10 inches if required.  3/8 diameter at tip.  Built in mixing nut allows for fast and easy attachment to cartridge. Use for anchoring and doweling. Long working time with a quick cure time. Moisture insensitive, can be used in underwater environments, concrete, hollow block, brick, clay and stone. Ideal for vertical, horizontal, and screen applications, seismic anchoring and bracing, surface crack repair. Ultra high-strength epoxy mixes through a static mixing tube and can also be resealed which means that any remaining material can be saved for later use. Cartridge w/nozzle. Two component (1:1 ratio), 100-percent solids, high aspect ceramic blend, solvent-free, non-sag, high strength, high modulus, moisture insensitive epoxy system. Ideal for use as a bonding agent for almost any material, including metal, concrete, brick, wood, stone, block and other substrates. Can also be used for repairing holes, spalls, cracks in concrete, repairing rotted wood, installing and repairing anchor bolts or hand rails. LIMITATIONS: Minimum substrate and ambient temperature 40 degrees F (4.44 degrees C),  Cartridge with two nozzles; medium duty caulking tool required.
USP Lumber ACR-10 Anchoring Adhesive Ultra Bond 1300 A22-1300N Anchoring Adhesive Ad Tech TM22HD Dispensing Tool
Two component, 100-percent solids, all weather, moisture insensitive, non-sag, non-shrink, solvent free, high strength epoxy acrylate. Common usages include anchoring railing, fence posts, machinery or repair applications. For use in anchoring threaded rod and rebar into normal and lightweight concrete, stemwalls, concrete block, reinforced brick and unreinforced masonry. Bonds to most construction materials. All weather formula cures down to 23-degrees. Cures in as little as 25 minutes. Fast dispensing.  Cartridge with 2 nozzles.  Meets ICCES ESR-1702, FL4928 codes. Two  component (1:1 ratio), 100 percent solids, high modulus, structural epoxy gel. It is a solvent free, low odor high strength, moisture insensitive, non-sag epoxy system. The resin and hardener are uniformly dispensed from a dual cartridge system and mixed simultaneously through a mixing nozzle or available in bulk. Long working time with a full cure in 24 hours. Moisture insensitive, may be used in damp environments, concrete, hollow block, brick, clay and stone. Ideal for vertical, horizontal, and screen applications. Structural bonding of concrete to concrete. Meets ASTM C881-14: Type I, II, IV and V, Grade 3, Class B and C. Cartridges with Nozzle. Features an in-line rod system, combined with a specifically designed friction plate that results in exceptional force making dispensing faster and reducing worker exertion and fatigue. Double gripping plates and steel trigger for increased durability and performance. For 22 Oz. cartridges, but comes with adaptable parts which allow for 16 Oz. cartridges as well.