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Dorel 222 Blind Cord Wind-Up Dorel 11002 Safety Cabinet Slide Lock Safety 1St 48447 Spring Cabinet and Drawer Latch
Helps protect children from dangling window blind cords. Safely winds up and stores excess cord to keep out child's reach. Does not interfere with use of blinds. Helps keep children out. Safe child resistant lock helps keep cabinets secure. Works on cabinets with handles or knobs. Helps keep cabinets and drawers secure. Spring-loaded for easy use and feature a wide grip surface for quick access.
Safety 1St 1711 Cap Safety Outlet Cover Dorel 48918 Safety Sign KIT 1711 ULTRA CLEAR OUTLET CO
Specially designed to go unnoticed by children. 12 outlet plugs with child-resistant rounded edges. Attaches to car window to remind others to drive safely. States "BABY ON BOARD!" in black letters on a yellow background; clearly visible from a distance. Suction cup attachment.
Safety 1St 48482 Press-N-Pull Appliance Latch Amerock BP32301BR Magnet Catch Dorel 48444 Wide Grip Cabinet and Drawer Latch
Convenient for freezer, refrigerator, microwave or dishwasher. Helps keep children from accessing appliances. Secure press-and-pull lock helps keep appliances closed. Inspires, coordinate and help express personal style. For the kitchen, bathroom and the rest of the home. 1-11/16"L x 2"W x 11/16"H. Polybagged. Helps keep children out. Safe child resistant latch helps keep cabinets and drawers secure.
Dorel 10404 Double Touch Plug-In Outlet Cover Cooper BP29CL-SP Safety Cap/Plug Safety 1St 10436 Carded Slam Stopper Finger Pinch Guard
Helps protect children from unused outlets. Safe child resistant two-touch, release for adult only access. Convenient fit over standard outlets. Increases child safety by covering electrical outlets when not in use by restricting access to live parts. Constructed of impact-resistant thermoplastic. UL Listed. Attach to household doors to help prevent children from accidentally pinching their fingers. Prevents door from closing. Safe soft flexible material. Easily attaches to most doors.
KIT BP29CL-SP RECPT SFTY CAP/P Safety 1St 48446 Press 'n Pivot Cabinet and Drawer Latch Dorel 48400 Lever Handle Lock
Helps keep cabinets and drawers secure. Press 'n Pivot latches feature an easy grip wide surface for quick access and they are simple to install and easy to use. Accommodates most french-door-style levers. Child-resistant, press and slide design.
Safety 1St 11014 Furniture Wall Strap Cool Touch Safety 1St Stars Night Light LED Lamp Safety 1St 48409 Stove Knob Cover
Helps prevent accidentally tipping over furniture. Durable canvas straps help secure furniture to wall. Ideal for bureaus, book cases, shelf unit and armoires. Adds a long lasting glow to any room. Cool to the touch when in use. Lasts 25 times longer than standard light bulbs. Costs up to 87 percent less to operate. Passes UL standard requirements. Designed to help prevent kitchen accidents by prohibiting children from turning on the stove. The hinged lid allows parents convenient access to stove knobs, without removing the product. Contemporary styling and universal size. Removable and reusable, easy mounting, and easy to clean.
Safety 1St 10409 Wall Mounted Power Strip Cover Safety 1St HS132 Magnetic Locking System Safety 1St Tot Lok HS130 Magnetic Starter Lock/Key Set
Adjusts to securely enclose an entire power strip, including the plugs and can be wall mounted. Magnetic locking system helps keep household cabinets and drawers closed to toddlers. 100 percent concealed. Includes 4 lock assemblies and 1 key. Ideal for cabinets and drawers that are off-limits to children. Install lock inside cabinet or drawer; use the magnetic key to open when needed. Store key high up and out of reach from children. Includes: 2 locks and 1 key.